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Live the experience:Circuit 8 Days and 7 Nights in Asturias and North of Galicia

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8 Días - 7 Noches
  • NO CANCELLATION FEES up to 7 days before the start
  • Private circuit
  • Private transfers included throughout the circuit
  • Aimed at private and reduced groups of 2 to 8 people
  • 8 days / 7 nights in Asturias and northern Galicia
  • 2 nights. Oviedo
  • 2 nights. Gijon
  • 1 night. Ribadeo
  • 2 nights. A Coruña
  • Guided tour in Oviedo
  • Guided tour in Gijón
  • Guided tour in Avilés
  • Guided tour in A Coruña
  • Processing visit to Playa de las Catedrales
  • Free Cancellation Insurance (up to 30 coverages)
  • Total price per person in double / triple room: From € 1105
  • To formalize the reservation, a deposit of : €60 / person will be required. Rest of payment, 15 days before the start

Circuit for private and small groups (2 to 8 people) with transfers included and private driver for all visits, in which in 7 nights - 8 days we will visit Oviedo, Cangas de Onis, Covadonga, Gijón, Avíles, Ribadesella or La Coruña among other cities and charming places.

Asturias, along with Galicia, are two of the most impressive regions in Spain. It is one of the greenest areas of the peninsula with an important number of National Parks, Monuments, charming places with unique beaches and much more.


Day 1. Origin - Oviedo

On the first day, our driver will pick you up at the airport, train or bus station in Oviedo and we will go to the designated accommodation in the same city.

We will check-in at the hotel and visit the city. The city invites you to stroll and admire its streets, buildings and markets. We will have a guided tour of Oviedo.

If it is necessary to highlight some places in particular, these would be the Cathedral of Oviedo, with its treasures such as the Victoria Cross, the Agates box or the Cross of the Angels, the church of Santa María del Naranco and its surroundings on the mountain. Naranco, San Miguel de Lillo, the basilica of San Juan el Real or the San Francisco field where we can find a statue of Mafalda or Woody Allen walking near the place.

Day 2. Oviedo - Cangas de Onís - Covadonga

Our second day will be dedicated to seeing Covadonga in the first place and Cangas de Onís and Ponga then.

We will have breakfast at the hotel and when we are ready our driver will be waiting for you to head to Covadonga.

This valley located in the north of the Picos de Europa is embedded between high mountains and was the place, they say, of the beginning of the reconquest by decimating the Muslim attacks that were approaching these slopes with Pelayo at the head.

The Virgin of Covadonga is found in the Holy Cave, in which Don Pelayo is said to have taken refuge, where there is a small hermitage and a waterfall that falls directly into a large pool.

At the top of the hill is the Sanctuary built with an incredible reddish stone that stands out among the green of the vegetation. Of course it is a visit that one cannot miss.

We also have the option of going to the Entrelagos viewpoint to see the Covadonga lakes.

Once the visit is over, our driver will take you to the town of Cangas de Onís. The most representative without a doubt is its Roman Bridge with its hanging Victoria Cross, one of the most representative images of Asturias. The town is located in the Picos de Europa National Park where you can enjoy its mountains and forests.

After the visit, our driver will take you back to Oviedo, where depending on the time you may have time to see or walk through the city quietly.

Finally we will return to the hotel to enjoy our last night of rest in this city.

Day 3. Oviedo - Gijón

We will have breakfast in Oviedo and check-out. Our driver will address Gijón, a city that is quite close.

We will check-in in Gijón and have a guided tour of Gijón. The area that is most enjoyed is its promenade. We will take a walk through its beaches and parks and visit the Cimadevilla neighborhood where we will find Eduardo Chillida's Elogio del Horizonte. In the views along the promenade we will see in a charming picture the church of San Pedro Apóstol and we can visit next to the church some Roman baths of Campo Váldes from the first century. Walking around the alleys of the neighborhood we will arrive at the Mayor beach of Gijón and We can now approach the outskirts to see the Monument of the Mother of the Emigrant in the Rinconín and see its coves. Gijón is a city with many possibilities, if we have time we can go to one of the most incredible buildings in Gijón which is the Universidad Laboral, a city of culture near the Atlantic Botanical Garden.

We will also take the opportunity to enjoy its gastronomy such as cider chopa, lamb on the stake, preñao bun or its different Gijón stews without forgetting to make a spicha that is cider served from the barrel.

Day 4. Lastres - Mirador del Fitu- Ribadesella- Bufones de Pría - Llanes - Gijón

Breakfast at the hotel in Gijón where our driver will be waiting for you to enjoy a new day of charming towns, beaches and incredible places.

Today we will make the whole trip along the coast and we will find a multitude of amazing beaches. We will not be able to visit all of them, but some of the chosen ones are wonderful and unique.

We will start with the town of Lastres, which was named one of the most beautiful towns in Spain. It is a fishing village located on a tiered bottom with incredible views. After this visit we will go to a magical place that is the Fitu viewpoint. It has several recreational areas where you can observe a unique landscape. It has a panoramic point, areas for tables and barbecues and much more.

When we are ready we will go to another wonderful town such as Ribadesella.

It has such special places as the Tito Bustillo Cave, some cave caves with very well preserved paintings or the Cuevona de Cuevas del Agua, which is a peculiar tunnel through which you can go by car, although now it is restricted if you do not go for four days of Holy Week.

It is a beautiful town where you can stroll along its estuary, its beaches and natural parks. Later we can go to see the Bufones de Pría, which is a natural phenomenon due to the effect of sea erosion where chimneys and cracks connected to the sea have been created.

From Bufones de Pria to Llanes we will pass through 3 incredible beaches, but one of them is unique, the Gulpiyuri beach. Curiously, this beach does not have views of the sea because it has cliffs that separate the sea from the beach below which its salt water seeps. White sands and unique views. It does not have direct access so our driver would stop at Naves and it would be necessary to access it by an agricultural road. But if we decide to get closer it will be worth it since this situation makes it a little-visited corner. It is listed as a Natural Monument.

The last town to visit is Llanes where we will find the Paseo de San Pedro with the cliffs and the viewpoint of La Talá. We will go along the Sablon beach towards the center of the town where we can walk through its Basilica of Santa María del Conejo and see the abandoned Palace of the Dukes of Estrada and the Medieval Tower that are not open, but are interesting to see from the outside. We can go to see the Cubes of Memory so representative of the town and go to the Llanes lighthouse next to which is the clothesline of nets to finally see the beach of Toró, one of the most impressive in the area.

Finally our driver will turn around and we will return to Gijón to sleep the last night.

Day 5. Gijón - Avilés - Cudillero - Luarca -Ribadeo

We will have breakfast in Gijón and check-out at the hotel.

We will visit Avilés accompanied by an official guide. Avilés, an industrial town of the Asturian community, is a city full of cultural life, very committed to literature, music, theater, cinema and painting. Highlights its House of Culture and the Óscar Niemeyer International Cultural Center, as well as the Palacio Valdés Theater, which hosts works of national interest.

After the visit we have the option of eating in Avilés or in the next town, Cudillero. What makes the town of Cudillero special is its situation since it is hidden both from the sea and from the land. It is a corner with houses of different colors staggered on the slope that form a beautiful amphitheater with a square in the center, that of San Pedro.

Once the visit is finished, our driver will transfer us to Ribadeo but before that we could stop in Luarca since it is an interesting town on the way. Once in Ribadeo we will check-in at our accommodation.

Ribadeo is already in Galicia on the border with Asturias and has both some medieval remains and very interesting modernist buildings that together with its natural environment make the town a magical place.

We can visit the Forte de San Damián, the panoramic elevator, walk through its Nautical club and take a walk around Plaza España where we can see buildings such as Torre dos Morenos.

We will leave for the next day the main attraction of the place, which is the famous Las Catedrales beach, which is a little further from the town.

Day 6. Ribadeo - Beaches of the Cathedrals - Ferrol - Puentedeume -Betanzos - A Coruña

Once we have had breakfast in Ribadeo and check-out, our driver will be waiting for us to go to the famous Las Catedrales beach. It stands out for its set of rock formations that due to erosion has created caves and incredible shapes. When the tide is low, corridors of white sand and wells of water appear that create an incredible picture between its cliffs. Today it can be visited by reservation.

Once the visit is over, our driver will be at your disposal for a wonderful option but that can make us deviate a bit from the route that would be to go to Taramundi, a charming village with a fairy tale story. Slopes, fogs, rivers, streams, forests, hill fort ruins, cutlery art, lots of mills, etc. An incredible picture highly recommended if you have a good time since this day there are several areas to see that are also very interesting and are within the route.

Continuing towards Ferrol we will take the opportunity to taste its exquisite gastronomy. In the city we can visit its old town, the Naval Museum, the castle of San Felipe or its beautiful Plaza Mayor. If we have time to see it, Fragas de Eume is a magical place with an exceptional degree of conservation of flora and fauna. It is a thermophilic Atlantic forest considered one of the best examples on the continent.

We will pass through Puentedeume where we will see the very long stone bridge that crosses the Eume River and the Torreón dos Andrade. Following the path we can pass through Castelo de Andrade where we will see a small, but in great condition, castle that dominates the entire valley in the Leboreiro rock. Its views are worth admiring.

The next and last stop before arriving in La Coruña is Betanzos where we will visit its impressive historic center with Ponte Vella, the Agustinas Recoletas convent, the medieval walls and the Plaza de la Constitución among many areas of its declared historical-artistic complex. Finally we will arrive in A Coruña where we will check-in. Depending on the time and the fatigue after the long day, you can take a walk around the city or directly rest at the accommodation.

Day 7. A Coruña

We will have breakfast at the hotel and gather strength for a visit with an official guide to see the most emblematic places of the city.

We will visit places such as the Tower of Hercules where you can enjoy the magnificent Roman lighthouse and its surroundings on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. We will walk through its sculpture park and we will recreate in its views. We will visit the Plaza de María Pita with its emblematic Town Hall and we will take a tour of the old town where we will find places of charm such as the Romantic Garden of San Carlos, the castle of San Antón, the Collegiate Church of Santa María del Campo or the Plaza de the Barbarians. If time is running in our favor, we can take a last walk through its seaport and markets and taste its excellent cuisine on the Atlantic coast.

Finally we will rest at the hotel for the last night.

Day 8 A Coruña - Origin

After breakfast, we will check-out at the hotel and according to the departure time of the plane or train, we will go to the airport in A Coruña, Santiago de Compostela or the train station.

We wish you a safe journey back hoping that you have enjoyed these days in Galicia.

Meeting point
  • The meeting point will be the train or bus station in Oviedo or the airport in Oviedo (Asturias) where our driver will pick you up in a 5, 7 or 9-seater vehicle depending on the number of passengers that make up your private group.
To consider
  • It is advisable to always wear comfortable clothes and comfortable shoes at all times during the experience.
  • Some of the routes are longer than others and it would be a good idea to plan departure times well in advance.
It includes
  • NO CANCELLATION FEES up to 7 days before the start
  • 7 nights accommodation in A + D regime
  • Private transfers in tourism of 5, 7 or 9 seats
  • Guided tour in A Coruña
  • Guided tour in Oviedo
  • Guided tour in Gijón
  • Guided tour in Avilés
  • Processing authorization to visit Playa de las Catedrales
  • Complete route itinerary
  • Basic Travel Insurance
  • Free Cancellation Insurance (up to 30 coverage)
  • Telephone assistance service en route

Additional options

  • Single room supplement: 280€ / Person


Our travel agency advised to book minimum 15 days in advance for a better management. It remains feasible to book this gateway although is made less than 15 days. However it is advisable to do it with more time in advance.

A deposit of 60€ will be required so as to formalise the reservation. Once your reservation has been formalised, shortly after, our team will be in contact with you to specify all of the details. Once the reservation is finalised, we will send you all the information for your compliance.

Once all the services have been booked and confirmed, the client must make full payment minus the deposit paid in advance, 15 days before the beginning date. In case the reservation has been formalised less than 15 days before starting date, the client must paid in full the total amount

NO CANCELLATION FEE up to 7 days before beginning date. In this case, we will refund the total amount paid as deposit. Up to 7 days before the start date, there is no cancellation fee.

In the unlikely event that it gets cancel, the deposit will get refund in full.

If you require any further information, please contact us via or mobile/whatsapp (+34) 639 935 925

Thank you for trusting

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