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Rías Baixas

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Cies Islands Tour

Cies Islands Tour

The National Park of the Atlantic Islands was born in the late twentieth century when they declare themselves to the Cies Islands national park. From that moment, a process of…
Tour guiado por las Rías Baixas

Guided tour in Rías Baixas

Beautiful tour of the sea lochs of Arousa and Pontevedra knowing the corners and most striking villages in this area of ​​the Galician coast.   On the excursion to the…
48.00 /Price per person
Ruta de los mejillones

Gastronomy mussels catamaran

The mussel is one of the most significant elements of Galician gastronomy, along with the octopus, because it is one of the economic engines of the autonomous community, employing…
1H 15min
Visita Guiada a Pontevedra

Guided tour in Pontevedra

Pontevedra, whose name comes from the Latin and means "old bridge" is one of the jewels of the Camino de Santiago Portugués. City that, it is believed, was founded by one…
65.00 /Price per group
Visita a la Isla de Sálvora

Guided visit to Salvora Island

Boat trip to the island of Sálvora, member of the National Park of the Atlantic Islands, mainly rocky formation in which its three beaches of fine sand and crystal stand…
10.00 /Price per person
Ruta privada en la Ría de Arousa

Private boat trip around Arousa sea loch

The Pazo de Rubianes is a construction from fourteenth century as it says the arch that is at the entrance "This house was build by D. Garcia Caamaño in year 1,411" referring…
75.00 /Price per person
Conoce el Pazo de Rubianes

Conoce el Pazo de Rubianes

This manor, with more than 800 years of history, was born as a fortification tower owned by the "Camaño" family located in the Finca de Rubianes.   It is not until…
12.00 /Price per person
Sil canyon

Turistic train through Sil Canyon

A canyon is a geographical formation that in most cases has formed a river that has been eroding the land over the years.In this case, the Sil River, has been the cause of this…
Surf en Rías Baixas

Surf lesson in Rias Baixas

Are you spending a few days in the area of ​​the Rías Baixas and you want to take a unique memory?   This activity includes material, class and insurance, taught…
30.00 /Person
Tren turístico en O Grove

Touristic train O Grove - La Toja

Touristic train with departure in the town of O Grove that will go through this town of coastal tradition. Also, this route will use the bridge, belonging to the 19th century,…
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